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You can look at our product catalogue and see the prices we offer without having to register as a customer. If you would like to purchase something from us, please register as a customer filling out all the fields as required. 

If you already are our customer, please log in.

The customers whose online store purchase amount per calendar year exceeds €1200 will now receive additional 5% discount off the regular price. When the required purchase amount is reached, the discount will be applied automatically and the customers will receive a notification. All purchase amounts will be reviewed the first week of each month. 

You can see the availability of our products as soon as you open our product catalogues. Products with a blue box marked ‘Add to cart’ are available from stock. Products with a box marked ‘Notify me’ will be delivered within 7 days.
PRODUCT CATALOGUE has been organised by product groups. Each group contains sub-groups where products have been categorised based on their function. Choose the products you like and add them into the CART.
In order to see the content of your cart, click ‘
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If you are sure of your choices, click 
‘Checkout’ to prepare your order.

Please pay attention to the means of transportation. All fields should be filled out so that the delivery of your goods is smooth and problem-free.
To conclude, send the order by clicking ‘
CONFIRM ORDER’. Thereafter, your order reaches us which will be confirmed by a respective email. 24-72 hours.

Our web store enables automatic calculation of transportation costs according to the weight and of the product ordered.

We have chosen DPD EESTI AS to be the one providing transportation services.
The price of transportation shall be calculated automatically according to the country of destination and the weight of the goods ordered. The fee for transportation shall be added to the advance payment invoice.

There are three ways to pay the invoice:
1. Option: By bank transfer – upon making the purchase, you’ll receive an email with an order confirmation and advance payment invoice (with the payment term of 5 days) to the email address entered upon registration. This document shall be the basis of making the payment. The goods shall be shipped out if the advance payment invoice has been paid.

2. Option: In cash or by a bank card at our store – you can pick up the goods yourself at our store at Selja tee 20, Tori vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia. In that case no costs for transportation shall be added to your invoice. You can pay for your goods at the store in cash, by bank card or bank transfer.

3. Option: by credit card – upon placement of an order you can pay your advance payment invoice by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.

We are not able to view the entered credit card information and clients are transferred to the EveryPay secure environment for the making of card transactions. At the moment of payment the credit card information is entered by the card holder in the database located in the EveryPay server and information is also retained in EveryPay.

We offer very high security against loss, misuse and unauthorised access of your personal data and payment details. Processing and data transfer between your web browser and our server is secured using a 128 b Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

We’ll send the original invoice to the customer by email or add it to the goods.
Should you not trust ordering from the internet for some reason and don’t wish to make an advance payment but would still like to order from us, please contact us by calling (+372 566 87957+372 568 77399) or send us a message on our email: info @ pmkaubamaja.ee . We’ll try to find a solution more suitable for you.  

Returning goods purchased from our web store:

If the goods purchased from our web store are not suitable for you for some reason, you can return them within 14 days.  The returned goods shall be unused and unopened in its original packaging with all the markings.

The address for returning the goods is: Selja tee, Tori vald, Pärnumaa, Estonia, EE-85003.
Money for the returned goods shall be refunded within 7 days as of the day of returning the goods to the seller to the same bank account from which the goods were paid for. Returns in case of credit card payments are made by cancellation or alteration of the transaction note.

The transportation costs of the goods shall not be subject to refunding.

Goods purchased on special order shall not be subject to automatic return pursuant to the aforementioned procedure.

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